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April 28, 2016




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Record Store Day 2016!

April 14, 2016

We are participating in Record Store Day this Saturday, April 16, with the release of Live Acoustic at 11th Street Records on clear vinyl!

Saturday marks the first time the album is available physically. It’s initial release was digital only.


“The songs on American Spring pushed us into territory uncharted. I felt immense struggle for personal self worth and self identity writing these songs. Making the moment of its release something incredibly scary and nerve racking. This show at 11th Street Records, was not only us unveiling the record for the first time, but us playing these songs for people other than ourselves for the first time. The importance of independent record stores like 11th street can not be understated. A forum where ideas can be shared, where outsiders of the status quo can find solace. The dissemination of information outside of pop culture. To partner with this shop in Las Vegas and have attendees of punk rock bowling from all over the globe made this one of the coolest and powerful moments in our bands life. This collection of songs is a document of that moment.” – Chris #2

Side A:
“Fabled World”
“This Is the End”
“Broken Bones”
“Brandenburg Gate”

Side B:
“One Trillion Dollars”
“Without End”
“Die for the Government”



Wrecking Ball ATL!

March 22, 2016

We’re excited to announce that we are playing the second annual Wrecking Ball ATL! Come join us and 60+ other bands Aug 13/14 for a weekend of amazing music.

Tickets go on sale on Friday, April 1st. Full lineup and details can be found at


March 17, 2016

VENUE CHANGE: Deportivo Octavio Paz Plateros: Francisco de P. Miranda, Merced Gómez, Ciudad de México, D.F.

We’re playing MEXICO CITY this SUNDAY, March 20th!

House of Vans [In The Park] Presents VANS DOREN AFTERNOON SPECIAL
with Anti-FlagFucked UpWAVVESSeguimos PerdiendoCardiel and Chingadazo de Kung Fu #VANSCUMPLE50

ANTIfest 2016!

March 16, 2016

We’re excited to announce ANTIfest 2016 will take place June 19th, in Lille, France!

When you’ve been a band for as long as Anti-Flag has you continue to try and find creative ways to do new things and support the punk rock community that has supported you. That is how ANTIfest was born. An outlet where we can share ideas, songs, passion, and desire to leave things better than we found them with bands that we love in cities that mean something to us. Lille is the perfect place for ANTIfest 2016, we have traditionally tried to put our festival on in cities most would not expect. A way to make each one of these events feel unique and special. Carving, BoySetsFire, WolfxDown, Anti-Flag… We all create art and music that is driven by empathy. By the idea that a better world is possible. In Lille, in France, and everywhere.