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We are sorry to report that we can not begin to keep up with all the email we receive! (1000’s every week!) We wish we could answer all email messages individually but even if we worked at them 24 hours a day/365 days a year we would not be able to keep up!

That said, this is an automatic response to your message. Periodically, via our Anti-Flag/A-F Records Mass E-mail List we will send updates about Anti-Flag and A-F Records. We’ll also answer the most often asked questions mailed to us via snail mail. If you have not done so, please sign up to receive updates from Anti-Flag and A-F Records by filling out the submit form HERE. You can also unsubscribe to the mailing list there.

If you need to contact us regarding an urgent issue please write to us at the address provided below.(Please allow a number of weeks for a response.) Special thanks to all of you who have written encouragement or kind words- we’re sorry we can not respond in a more personal manner.


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United Talent Agency (US)

| Gabriel Apodaca –

| Chad Lehner –

United Talent Agency (Canada)|Adam Sylvester –

United Talent Agency (Europe) | Sean Goulding –

Press / Promotion (Germany, Austria and Switzerland):

Uncle M Music
Mirko Gläser

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